The La MJC joint the Lacoste alligator launch Broadwick limited edition shoes

June 28 hearing, Paris renowned tide Shop La MJC's works have launched with the French crocodile Lacoste Broadwick shoes. Continuation of Lacoste the classic Broadwick casual shoes shape, extremely suitable for the summer blue horizontal stripes with a pink full version pattern presented. Same visible intentions, such as the leather biting of the tongue at the top of standard as well as leather heel marks and so bring out the the extraordinary texture on the tongue the Fluctuat nee mergitur words is funny that this is a pair of floating not in the details at Shen's shoes. This shoe will be held on July 3 in colette shelves trafficking, trafficking will Solemart every other day, limited to 75 pairs. christophe Lemaire absolute design talent is rare, and served as creative director at Lacoste brand for 10 years, he brought us countless classic design, he is good at design the stunnig quite practical clothing, but the clothing does not go swagger the route, which is why christophe Lemaire has been in the fashion industry to maintain a low-key reasons. Pierre-Alexis Dumas, one of the sixth-generation heir of the Hermes family, precisely because of the point value christophe Lemaire, he said Lemaire understanding of the values ​​and the Hermes brand concept is in place, which is he has been looking for designers who qualities, his The design concept is very much in line with the positioning of Hermes classic clothing. christophe Lemaire history of the growth is also a bit unusual childhood spent five years in Paris, after living with the mother as a file division for three years, living in Dakar, after they moved back to Paris, the experience greatly enriched small walk around Lemaire's experience, he said: "In Africa, I see a different attitude and posture, as well as their use of color, I also understand the fashion and money, as well as social status does not matter.", Lemaire in France Vogue uncle learned fashion, but the uncle of his work in the fashion industry initiatives does not support the 19-year-old, he began working for Thierry Mugler's assistant after Yves Saint Laurent,, christian Lacroix brand work. After leaving the christian Lacroix brand and designer Jean Touitou, but the partnership did not last long. In 1990, he won the ANDAM Award, this is a young French designer award founded by Nathalie Dufour and Pierre Berge, the awards bonus earned him the founder of the namesake brand. christophe Lemaire success in Japan, also a record 300 million dollars in sales in Paris, Barneys, Henri Bendel, Maria Luisa, retailers began selling his designer clothes. In 1995, he again won the ANDAM Award in 2000 as the the Lacoste brand's creative director. After entering the Hermes brand, he launched a biannual advertising brochure, publicity to the female the Hermes brand into installed, he said: "A lot of women are Hermes deter to enter the store just take a look at the package and scarf, because they Many people think the Hermes brand into equipment must be very expensive, advertising brochures to introduce a variety of clothing styles for these women, Hermes into mounted design and style positioning, but also allow them to further understanding of the Hermes brand to show them. "
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BY2 "faceless" interpretation of Nike fashion movement

Chinese shoes, August 31, reporters learned, listed on the Nasdaq in the United States, well-known shoe Nike has always been the preferred brand of many fashion campaigners victorious years Nike not only had in hand a number of film stars, is in the invitation nowadays rookie days after the bodies in Asia in early 2010 a large amount of money - from Singapore the BY2 co interpretation the Nike youth fashion gay movement. Known style now the BY2 very year twins popularity, not only the new album "rite" to sell, the pop music charts for weeks reelection at the same time they have to incarnation trapeze ran Notice, in addition to all over Asia, but also withdraw shoot advertising participate in businesses endorsement activities. Sided Iraqis "reputation BY2 endorsement of the Nike brand, frequently" faceless ", streets, television, magazines media are the dress fashion Nouveau figure. Gestures showing the little girls Jiaohan and innocence: white shooting a Nike ad. The release of the album "rite" notices the BY2 already bid farewell to the immature, degenerated into a little sexy woman, shy of the past is the sheer self-confidence to replace! Sister Miko said: "The new album gives a different feeling, I hope we can witness By2 has grown, more womanly!" Perhaps in the past on both BY2 impression that they are lovely, but in the chill of early spring weather shooting, BY2 the initial wearing cloth thin deficient to not Falmer modeling clothes, the sister white style as young people's version of Athena the goddess, sister white dressed in multi-layer cake small vest, small exposed navel show youth playful, released two unassuming young vitality, accidentally let the camera capture their bold show only 18-year-old girl only micro sexy sweet. Surprised with original BY2 also has such a distinctive addition to the playful. Young adults BY2 metamorphosis from innocent young girl made the 18-year-old young girls slightly cooked, burst on the scene at a concert feminine dress gradually turning mature sexy, the magnificent transfiguration on the shape to highlight two sexy The interpretation of the audience sided Iraqis have scared there Sa different tongue mouth. And after BY2 endorsement of Nike sports brand, so like their fans insight they Mitzvah, in addition to the maturing sexy temperament to attract the public eye, the texture of its youthful vigor sweeping wearing Nike brand emerge. Audience told reporters, like BY2 "chameleon" vitality, the interpretation of what is what, whether it is a mature and sexy or fashionable sport wind, people can not take your eyes off her. Mature sexy and fashion movement between PK in BY2 who can not be named its winners and losers, are each split the line of sight of the public. As follows: two white reporters take pictures, elated than victory "V" sign, very lovely graceful adult becomes pretty By2 by the public attention, many vendors both Chinese and youthful vigor and singing strength of its product endorsement, the women is a well-known fashion sports brand Nike spokesperson. Two adult addition to distributing temperament more flavor, shape can accept more variable, but in fact, the two revealed that it took a lot of time to grow slowly, privately they also go sports wind. When a reporter friend when it comes to the feelings of cooperation and Nike, the two little girls laughing: "and Nike is really enjoyable, and Nike products we feel really good, I liked it!" Market trends prompted BY2 can not avoid the sexy mature hook, but fell in love with the Nike "directly shows two young women love fashion movement.

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2005 Nike SB Nike challenge the super array is going to win Skateboard market

Saying cloud 'mad years is not too late', the skateboard craze in 1995, when the American sports network ESPN television broadcast to the world ExtremeGames was known extreme sports, which has long been on skateboard called dangerous sports or rebel movement has been changed, and people seem to have gradually begun to accept such non-ordinary people can exercise. In 1998, the results of a survey of American skateboarding magazine 'TransworldSkateboarding' show from so the skateboarding supplies sales proportion, the best-selling not skateboard, but it is another must-Item-Skateboard. Perhaps in response to the findings of this magazine, a brother of sports shoes Nike also launched a lot of shoes series, but unfortunately was seen as a fledgling new brands being annihilated. 2002, Nike's basketball shoes Dunk smash hit in the 1980s the thickening the tongue be transformed into Shoes series DunkProSB is, but vigorously sought after by the influx of people, the results Nike could legitimately set up NikeSkateboarding department, so NikeSB in 03 years as the storm swept across the entire Asian market, followed by the United States, Europe, Australia and then blowing straight ... there can be said to grow long, certainty of looting! About 1979, adidas has been production Skateboard ancestor of SuperSkate, 2004 the BathingApe fancy that engage in cooperation plan models began virtually laid the foundation the adidas to proceed to launch NikeSB series. This year is the adidas-year, no doubt, so get outside grapevine, adidas will strive to promote this year's skateboarding supplies, Hong Kong has also been listed as one of the development of the city.

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Nike communicate advertising is in its "advertising Reform"

In recent years, due admiration Nike saddle, many teenagers, did not hesitate to take the risk of theft and even murder, serious incidents have occurred, Left with no alternative, the owner had to seek such "self-protection" ... Nike also has a "growth myth ": In the sixties, the company was founded, very small, may collapse at any time. Division two founders Bu Woman and Knight have to wear many hats, companies do not have their own office and complete operating agency. Nike's global profits of $ 13 million in 1985, the company's global turnover of as much as $ 4.8 billion in 1994; its market share champion, is ranked third in the Adidas company more than tripled to 24%. Nike's growth did not slow down the pace. 95 years compared with 94 years, global sales increased by 38%, profit before tax increased by 55%, Nike's stock price quickly rose, two years ago of $ 43 per share soared to 95-year $ 103 per share. Many Wall Street investors and analysts are not optimistic about 80 years ago has been Nike: "Nike is not much basis for the development and prospects." Today mockery: "God likes to create the myth, so he chose our unexpected Nike. Nike myth is "God-given"? Nike's president of Knight replied: "Yes, 'consumers God' we have a dialogue with 'God' magical tools - Nike advertising ..." ad Reform focuses on communication Nike president commented: Nike's focus on communication effects of advertising by all the love of the Nike brand, grew rapidly. Nike early advertising work focused primarily on the technical advantages of the promotional products because of the brand positioning in the market of formal competitive athletes. Of course, some recreational runners and people who exercise also buy Nike shoes, one for comfort, but also because the Nike campaign: who owns Nike, will come to understand the sports which have a certain impact on consumers. But this period Nike ad can not be called a true sense of the communication, and the communication of Nike advertising its "advertising Reform".

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Vietnam become Nike's largest production base

According to reports, with the changes in the international economic situation, the Chinese name of the factory of the world seems to be subject to interference from neighboring countries. Such as Nike shoes manufacturing, China by the strong competition from Vietnam. Nike sports shoes are outsourcing production, China produced 40% of its shoes in 2001, ranked first in countries, Vietnam accounts for only 13% of the share. 2010, Vietnam has more than 37%, relegated to second place, accounting for 34%. Analysts pointed out that the migration of Nike production base proved upgrading of labor costs in China, and China is no longer synonymous with cheap labor market, the factory of the world is constantly sinking. The other hand, the foundries enterprises out of China at the same time, a growing number of foreign-funded enterprises started to increase R & D investment in China, and some even global R & D centers to China. China's world factory status is threatened, which in the end is a good thing or a bad thing? Manufacturers pulling out of China in the end why? Whether there are opportunities in the crisis? Factory of the world, China can not become a world research and development center? Voice of special observers of the economy, the deputy director of the Finance and Trade Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Jing Linbo make the following comments. Moderator: As can be seen from the example of Nike, the advantages of China as a big manufacturing country seems to be disappearing. At present, this is not a universal phenomenon in China? In addition, this in the end is a good thing or a bad thing? Jing Linbo: first, the current the Nike share of production in China is less than the message of Vietnam, is just the tip of the iceberg. It reflects the past 30 years, China has experienced rapid growth after the Chinese manufacturers are facing from the cost advantage to other advantages transformation. First, the news rising labor costs in China. Jiabao put forward the Chinese society to pay more attention to people's livelihood, which is very important is to improve the welfare of labor. Second, the Chinese market is still great. China will not look eliminated from the competition ranks. China still has a large hinterland, and Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and even the past is unmatched. Nike data changes in a particular year, does not mean that China's manufacturing share of more than 30%, will be like the past, Japan, and look down to 5% or even 10%.
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Manchester United will be Nike huge sponsorship 450 million contract unparalleled

December 16 the Premiership top war just ended. Manchester United 1-0 rival Arsenal. Although less competition campaign after a Red Devils still recapture the standings the top spot. Addition. Manchester United today also came the other good news. Latest disclosure. Manchester United will shirt company signed a total value of up to 450 million pounds astronomical money not only to help the Glazer family to repay debt. and help Manchester United to flex its muscles on the players! recent years, Manchester United have been the champion has a strong impact and the season so far excellent situation is the perfect opportunity for Red Devils re-board the league throne, however the club In recent years, the transfer is not as still widely questioned. In the summer of 2009. Portugal King C Ronaldo's departure for Manchester United brought a huge amount of revenue. However, even so. Manchester United do not want to funding the introduction of a qualified substitute reason is nothing more than the club's huge debt work. Not long ago, many British media claimed. Always mean style of the Glazer intends to carry the club's huge debt alone. Americans will spend 220 million pounds of private property to repay the loan. Glazer image of one hundred eighty degree shift sensation in the whole of England. However today. Before revealed the true origins of which. According to the paper. Club Manchester United is still owed debt totaled 526 million pounds. Glazer reason why say rhetoric alone repay club debts. Emboldened from Manchester United shirt sponsor Nike. This shortly before the French Football Federation terminated the contract with the former sponsor supplier resistant Keda Si. Thus invested in Nike's sponsorship contract and signed with Nike for a period of seven years a total value of 270 million pounds since 2011 to In 2018 France will play wearing a Nike jersey competition. The French Football Federation this cost-effective trading immediately Glazer see in the eyes of the sophistication of American businessman hopes Manchester United will also be given a new contract price. It is true that the French team in the early stages of the turn of the century. Had series won the European Cup and the Confederations Cup three full weight champion. Infighting scandal exposed in South Africa this summer, however, and the subsequent dismal record has sacrificed more than half of the glorious image of the Gallic Rooster. Glazer also have good reason to ask for a higher sponsorship contract requirements Nike., After all, for many years has always been to Manchester United Premiership even a formidable force in Europe and reds in the world has countless fans. Manchester United is expected to get a huge contract. Total value of the contract will be up to an astonishing 450 million pounds! With sponsors Dinglixiangzhu. Manchester United debt as well as the players to introduce the pressure will be alleviated. Manchester United Nike existing contract is not due until 2015. Expected. Glazer family about to start negotiations with Nike in 2012 a new 10-year contract ready and in accordance with each of the Manchester United now view of the rising trend of the £ 25 million sponsorship available as well as the Red Devils effect. then Manchester United a year £ 45 million sponsorship will be more reasonable. That Total down. Manchester United for 10 years, the total value of the contract will be up to 450 million pounds. Huge shirt sponsorship. Global unique
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Foot on the style

Zhuang is the largest number of ethnic minorities in China. Has a long history and rich culture. Single shoes, a lot can be introduced. Here we introduce the history and culture about shoes! The family is the most populous ethnic group in China. Mainly distributed in Guangxi, Yunnan, Guangdong and Guizhou provinces. Since the Qin Zhuang ancestors ancient are called West Ou, the Luoyue (Luo and Vietnam), South Vietnam, Pu, Liao, slang, River Cave Man, Wu Hu called a "hit" in the Song Dynasty historical records in the beginning, "boy", "Chung Ming and Qing, also referred to as a child, beloved, that natives. After the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, collectively referred to as the "child family. Until Zhou Enlai initiative change" child "in 1965 as" strong ". Features:" look back "for women often wear. Toe hook like dragon boat. Divided heel and Backless two thick soles and more made with sandpaper. stitch Qi needle, drag the needle, mixed needle, needle plate, Duixiu, pressure embroidered young people like to use a light base color from the white flowers. pomegranate red, dark red, blue, yellow, green and other colors. patterns dragon Shuangshi bowls, butterfly flower, magpies; many elderly people with black, light red, dark red and other colors. patterns of cloud, the dragon, the world lion beast. exhibited here Zhuang home "look back" women embroidered shoes. toe triangular cone-shaped tip was to "look back". vamp for a blue cloth. useful yellow, red, green thread embroidery floral patterns soles for the QianCengDe satisfied with twine stitches. strong and durable. features: "back" embroidered shoes for women often wear. toe hook like a dragon boat. minutes followed by Backless two thick soles multi sandpaper made. Qi needle stitch, drag needle, mixed needle, needle plate, Duixiu, pressure embroidered young people like to use a light base color from the white flowers. pomegranate red, dark red, blue, yellow , green and other colors. patterns dragon Shuangshi bowls, butterfly flower, magpies; many elderly people with black, light red, dark red and other colors. patterns of cloud, dragon, heaven and earth, the lion beast. Zhuang Shoes Dance originated Nandan Tei Shoes Dance, also known as "three men wearing Skateboard." the locals entertain a dance. Skateboard was not originally made with wooden planks. nor strong words shoes but to long Zhang Yu wide bamboo materials. fold folder tied in two to three feet. called wood shackles. instruments of torture for bondage slaves local chieftain of the Ming and Qing Dynasties is said Jiajing 30 years (1552) that when the state things Luo Wujie led troops against Japanese pirates went to Jiangsu and Zhejiang. military training method is the use of wooden shackles training wolf soldiers. trio into a Wu nine people into a square can only move forward not backward - This is the local rumors that this is "the three wear Skateboard "The origin of that ground the village pulling Tan, Tuen the top of the hill is a monument to 4. both the Ming Dynasty engraving.
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